Summary of professional skills

Interpersonal and General Communication Ability

  • Skilled in a broad range of communication techniques including supervision, development and delivery of presentations, teaching, reporting, writing papers and publications and e-learning.
  • Proven ability to co-operate and work successfully with colleagues.


  • Facilitating E-Learning delivery including creation of curriculum, responsibility for curriculum interface with software, monitoring of delivery and evaluation of programme outcomes.
  • Recognised as a key resource on E-Learning within the Midwifery sector. This includes acting as an adviser for individuals and groups and being sought after for opinion in professional publications.
  • Recognised as key resource in health education blogging, ePortfolio development, social media and networking learning in the health sector.
  • Developing reputation as expert in open health education resources and creative commons licence.

Networking Resource Investigator:

  • Proven ability to secure key knowledge and resources.
  • An early adaptor to new technological approaches.


  • Ability to carry out both quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation.
  • Research undertaken to date has resulted in invitations to contribute book chapters and to be a reference point for health professionals as well as national and international midwifery and health projects.
  • Research undertaken on behalf of the New Zealand College of Midwives has resulted in the development of a national practice framework.
  • Research outputs contributed to highest PBRF score for schools of midwifery in New Zealand 2006.


  • Experienced teacher, at both academic and clinical levels with undergraduate midwifery students and registered midwives.
  • Highly competent post graduate program manager, with extensive involvement in program and curriculum development
  • Proficient academic supervisor
  • Recognized assessor involved in thesis marking and international article reviews
  • Expertise in on-line education

Professional Development:

  • Past involvement in professional development through professional memberships.
  • Development, manufacture and marketing of professional portfolios for nurses and midwives.
  • Organised study days which included programme development, management of delivering and securing of resources (finance and facilitators).
  • Responsible for a visiting scholar initiative with a focus on professional development.
  • Educator role within the New Zealand College of Midwives.
  • Mentor for other health professionals and also sought after to provide advice on development of professional mentoring programmes.


  • Skilled midwifery clinician experienced in home, primary and tertiary settings including caseload practice.
  • Has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of health and evidence-based practice, both at national and international level.
  • Proven ability to network, possessing a large number of national and international connections in health sector.

Managerial Competency:

  • Effective manager of program activity including the leadership of others.
  • Employs highly developed organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to analyze and implement innovative program of health practice and education.