eMentoring in aged and community care, Queensland, Australia

I was employed as project officer for the first six months in 2009 by Aged Care Queensland to implement and evaluate an eMentoring scheme that was funded by the federal Australian government. The results of the project were a CD ROM eMentoring resource which I developed, a series of eMentoring and computer workshops I designed and facilitated throughout Queensland, and the facilitation of eMentoring relationships amongst staff in aged care in Queensland.

To follow the development and results of the project including including how to be an eMentor, matching mentees with mentors, developing the eMentoring handbook and information about the eMentoring and computer skills workshops please follow the 'eMentoring' label on my blog.


Here is a presentation I was asked to give the younger members of Aged Care Queensland about the importance of online networking.

eMentoring and indigenous aged and community care staff, Queensland, Australia

One of the 'failures' of the Aged Care Queensland eMentoring project was to engage indigenous staff. As a result ACQI has receieved funding from the Dept. of Health and Aging to investigate further what mentoring needs indigenous staff have and whether they can be addressed using online technology. As part of this project I have been asked to facilitate a two day workshop in Cairns in November 2009 to find out what indigenous staff think about eMentoring and to show them a few online communication tools such as Skype and Google Docs.


Second Life Education New Zealand (SLENZ): Virtual birthing unit and normal birth scenario

This SLENZ project commenced December 2008. My role is lead educator in the midwifery project, which involves designing, building and evaluating a virtual birthing unit and role play scenario that will be incorporated into midwifery education. Here is the link to the birth unit in Second Life and here are all the resources for the birthing unit, including lesson plans that I developed. All my reflections and development can be found here. Below are a few of the key blog posts about the project.


International Day of the Midwife 2009

I worked with Dr Deborah Davis to organize and facilitate a 24 hour virtual event to celebrate International Day of the Midwife - the resulting program and re4cordings of events can be seen on the IDM2009 wiki. The idea was that free professional development opportunities were provided online for a whole day so there be something going on to suit everyone's time zone. My not so hidden agenda was and continues to be to encourage midwives to think about how they network and collaborate in a free, online environment. My aim for 2010 is to plan from the beginning of the year, to be much better organized and professional in presentation, and seek buy-in and sponsorship from the International Confederation of Midwives.