Available for employment as project manager, consultant and facilitator in eLearning, social media, networked learning, professional development and life-long learning

Company: Ed-Bytes
ABN: 23095171564

January 2011 - March 2012 Midwifery Lecturer, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia 0.5 FTE

This role included:
  • designing online courses for under-graduate program
  • managing courses as course convenor
  • mentoring staff to use technology and develop eLearning strategies
  • develop virtual faculty
  • develop program processes
  • development of ePortfolio
  • 3rd year coordinator
Resigned so that I could focus more on my EdD research and building up my consultancy, Ed-Bytes.

April - August 2010 - Educational Designer and Consultant, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia (150 hours).

  • Designed online course in BlackBoard for first year midwifery students, including exams and informal assessment.

October 2009 - present day Program Developer/Facilitator, Educational Development Centre, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, New Zealand 0.5 FTE

This role involves:
  • supporting staff about how they can utilise Moodle and other social media tools for eLearning, workshops to increase digital literacy and staff capability
  • promoting development of open access education resources
  • development of an open online course called 'Facilitating Online 2011' that people can use to develop their online facilitation skills, aimed at non-profits, businesses and companies, not just people in education
  • development of EDC online 'presence' and role modelling of tools that EDC recommends teachers to use such as blog and Otago Polytechnic Wikieducator portal
  • development of teaching resources including how to use a virtual classroom and issues of copyright.

September - October 2009 Educational Designer, Charles Darwin University, Darwin

This was a short term contract in which I was given the task of developing eLearning guidelines for the School of Business a t CDU. Alongside this was the task of developing a template for eLearning on the CDU learning management system BlackBoard. I was offered a full time job as an educational consultant at CDU but was unable to take up the offer for family reasons.


August 2009, Locum midwife, Lumsden Maternity Unit, Otago

January - July 2009 Project manager implementing eMentoring scheme for Aged Care Queensland in Brisbane

My connection with ACQI came about when ACQI read about my eMentoring research. I presented my findings and recommendations at a ACQI workshop in July, and then was invited to speak at the ACQI national conference in November 2008. I gave ACQI full and free access to all the mentoring materials I have developed under a Creative Commons BY license which they were able to incorporate into a research funding application. The result of this application was a AU$250,000 funding grant from the Australian Dept. of Health and Aging for a six month project in which I developing a CD ROM eMentoring resource, planned and implemented eMentoring and computer skills workshops throughout Queensland and facilitated eMentoring relationships amongst aged care staff. Please let me know if you would like a copy of the eMentoring CD ROM or final project report.

A further grant was given in 2009 to enable ACQI to look further at the support and eLearning needs of indigenous aged care staff. As a part of this smaller project I will be facilitating a two day workshop in Cairns in November 2009 with indigenous staff.


December 2008 - December 2009 Lead educator in Second Life Education New Zealand midwifery project, employed approximately 0.2 FTE

This project came about as a result of the acceptance of a research proposal that I submitted in October 2008 along with colleague Deborah Davis. I worked with the SLENZ team to develop a virtual birth unit in Second Life and normal birth scenario in which students can role play being a woman and midwife during the labour and birth. The full report which includes an in-depth evaluation of the project will be released in early 2010.

This project has been a huge learning curve for me in terms of Second Life skills and education design. However, I am now in a place where I can offer support and guidance to other health professionals and educators who are thinking about using Second Life for education and healthcare practice.

  • For further details about the project and reflections on my role please look at Current Projects

1999- January 2009 Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin (0.4 FTE May 2006-December 2008)

  • Lecturer and paper coordinator in both the undergraduate three year Bachelor of Midwifery degree and postgraduate Masters programs
  • Development and teaching of papers.
  • Managing the interface between Otago Polytechnic, Queen Mary Midwifery Unit and LMC midwives throughout the country
  • Masters thesis supervision.
  • Work with students in clinical setting as part of LMC duties.
  • Developing and teaching in online midwifery papers.
  • Developer, facilitator and lecturer of short courses for registered midwives including NZ Midwifery Council Technical Skills Workshops.
  • Researched, developed and implemented Post Graduate Masters Programmes in Mentoring and Preceptorship, and Reflection 2005-2008.
  • Created and taught with colleagues the first midwifery technical skills workshop in New Zealand 2005.
  • Developed a series of blogging workshops that were first of its kind to be offered in Dunedin in 2008 - see Completed Projects.
  • Mentored the CEO of Otago Polytechnic, Phil Ker as he developed his own personal blog.
  • Became recognised as key resource in blogging, open education resources and social networking which led to being nominated for Otago Polytechnic 'Excellence in Teaching' award, and international Edublog 'Best Blog' and 'Most Influential Post' awards in 2008.
  • 2000 - 2008 Member of School of Midwifery Assessment Committee, developing assessment criteria and policies, auditing and moderating assessments, dealing with impaired performance and other issues of student performance.

Reasons for leaving
To take up post as project manager for Aged Care Queensland which involves managing an e-mentoring project. Looking to move out of midwifery as such, and more into project management, education facilitation, professional development and life-long learning for health professionals as opposed to just midwives.


April 1999 - 2006 LMC midwife, Dunedin

Provided total midwifery care in both hospital and home context with a wide range of midwifery clinical skills including cannulation and perineal suturing.


August 1996 - April 1999 LMC midwife, Tairawhiti Healthcare, Gisborne

Serviced rural and remote communities, and large Maori population.

  • Commissioned by Tairawhiti Healthcare to develop midwifery caseload team to provide to total midwifery care from conception to six weeks postpartum 1996.
  • Reviewed postpartum hospital services – report underpinned review of maternity services in Gisborne 1998.
  • Organized and ran two day national conference for maternity staff in 1998.

March 1996 - August 1996 Community Midwifery Sister, Basingstoke , UK

  • Developed midwifery-led antenatal care initiative based at GP surgery.

January 1995 - January 1996 Private Consultant on Professional Development, UK

  • Developed, manufactured and sold professional portfolios to nurses and midwives throughout the south of England - profits went to the Salisbury Branch of the Royal College of Midwives.
  • Ran series of workshops and study days in hospitals and nursing homes looking at development of professional portfolios.

January 1985 - March 1996 Staff midwife, Salisbury District Hospital, Wiltshire, UK


January 1984 - May 1984 Staff nurse, Salisbury District Hospital, Wiltshire, UK