I continue to be a full time midwifery lecturer and aim to have one or two midwifery clients per year. However, in the last year I have worked with 11 women. This has worked out really well because most the women birthed during student breaks/holidays. I have only missed two lectures in five years of doing this. However, I really need to use all my holidays now for academic work but love clinical too much to give it up completely. Nothing has beaten the job satisfaction I receive when working with pregnant women. At this moment in time, I am unclear what my obligations will be with the new Health Practitioner Competency Act requirements and may need to continue some degree of clinical work in order to maintain my practising certificate to be able to teach in clinical papers. I feel it is really important for me to be seen as a midwife to maintain my credibility as lecturer for undergraduate students, as well as being able to ‘connect’ with postgraduate students and midwives in association with my PhD research.

This year I have seen my role as NZCOM Family Violence Coordinator develop. I was only supposed to be doing this for the Polytechnic but as always happens, I have been ‘collared’ into doing it for the Otago region. Initially, I was very uneasy with this role because of my inexperience in this area. However, this year one of my clients has given me enough ‘experience’ to last quite a few years!! The value of this has been to make me a lot more confident about working with organizations such as Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS) etc, which will help considerably in my teaching. It has allowed me to build links with CYFS and the hospital Child Protection Team. I found this experience to be extremely stressful on a personal level but was very well supported by my colleagues.


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New Zealand College of Midwives' Standards of Practice

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