What I am doing now
Life has changed significantly for me since my last Review. I am no longer a midwifery lecturer - I now work 0.7 at the Education Development Centre at Otago Polytechnic on a short term contract that ends in December 2009. After much deliberation over the last three years, I have decided to move away from clinical midwifery and focus on education in a more general sense in the tertiary sector.
However, I maintain my interest in midwifery and health, especially post-registration professional development and life-long learning, and continue to integrate that into my new role eg the development and facilitation of the Virtual International Day of the Midwife. Having said that, I do want to maintain my APC because it gives me more options should I find myself unemployed at the end of the year, and it also allows me to work as a midwifery consultant in Australia. So the challenge for me is how to stay competent until such a time as I give up my APC for good.

Staying competent
Over the last three years (and since my last Review) my clinical practice has consisted of six LMC (total midwifery care) cases (2006) and one month as a locum midwife in Lumsden Midwifery Unit in July/August 2009. I believe I can stay competent by doing a small amount of locum work every year or two.

The other way I am staying competent is through my research and academic work. For example, last year I was lead midwifery educator in the Second Life Education New Zealand Project. This involved thinking, researching and talking to midwives and families about birth environment, developing a normal birth scenario and working with students as they role played a 'virtual birth'.

Being a midwifery locum


Feedback from women

New Zealand College of Midwives' Standards of Practice

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Standard 5 - Planning midwifery care

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Standard 9 - Completion of midwifery partnership

Standard 10 - Sharing midwifery knowledge

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