There's nothing much on this page yet because I have to think about how I am going to update myself this year. I haven't had an APC for nearly 3 years so have to go through the recertification process this year or else I will lose my APC. But life has been rather complicated by the fact I have left the Otago School of Midwifery and am moving more into eLearning etc. I do need to keep my midwifery APC in case I find myself unemployed later this year and have to pick up some clinical work.However, the whole process of maintaining an APC is very expensive if you're only going to have a few midwifery clients a year. So here's the plan for the time being:

1. Get APC from January - March.
2. Apply for do 'Review' some time this year.
3. Apply for registration in Australia and do a few hospital shifts there.
4. Do breastfeeding, maternal and infant resusitation updates.