Professional Development Plan 2010/11

  • Infant and maternal resuscitation update
  • Breastfeeding update
  • Technical Skills workshop
  • Treaty of Waitangi workshop at Otago Polytechnic
  • Online antenatal screening update
  • Attend "Breathing New Life" maternity conference in Alice Springs in July - presenting two papers about the virtual birth unit and how to collaborate in a team using social media tools
  • Attending DEANZ conference in April - presenting paper about virtual birth unit
  • Attending Virtual Worlds – Best Practices in Education virtual conference - submitted two papers for presentation about virtual birth unit and future collaborative work and midwifery/medical education


I have been very immersed in midwifery as a midwifery educator until December 2008 when I resigned from the Otago Polytechnic School of Midwifery. I thought I had done my dash as a midwife but the SLENZ project and Virtual International Day of the Midwife re-engaged me. The SLENZ project required me to update myself with practice and research as I designed lessons plans for the virtual birth unit and the normal birth scenario. This work is ongoing as I continue to collaborate with midwifery and medical educators around the world with the virtual birth unit.

I have updated my portfolio and have now put it into an online electronic form. I am very conscious of the issues of confidentiality so anything I cannot record here will be kept private or discussed verbally at my Review. One of the reasons for developing an ePortfolio is that it allows me to be more open with clients and potential clients about my practice which in turn supports my accountability to the wider community. An ePortfolio also allows me to be a lot more creative than a paper portfolio.

I have withdrawn from my PhD and am currently thinking about what to do next:

The area I feel the most need to update is ante natal screening - quite a lot appears to have changed in the last couple of years. I plan to take part in the online ante natal screening update that is due to be released soon by the MOH.

Professional development Plan 2006/7

  • Continue PhD studies
  • Attend breastfeeding update
  • Attend hospital meetings
  • Get my portfolio together- this has been at the end of my list of priorities because I have been so busy with academic work and expectations of OP.
  • Chill out and remember why I came into midwifery all those years ago!! After all, I want a lovely, experienced caring midwife for my son and daughter when they have their children.
  • PD agreement


This last 18 months have been very busy academically and I continue to publish papers and present at conferences. I couldn’t afford to go to the ICM after all, but I did catch up with a dear friend in Brisbane when I went to see my PhD supervisor and had a look around the maternity unit where she works, which was very interesting. I have thought about my collation of notes and decided that I do not need to do it any differently-what I do now works perfectly well. I have attended resuscitation updates but still need to go to a breastfeeding update. I run the Technical Skills workshops so I have that well and truly covered. I have been to a couple of Access Holders meetings. I have also been working with the hospital educator to try and increase the School of Midwifery’s profile in the hospital. I think I have done my part very well. Unfortunately, it is difficult to coordinate things because everyone is so busy. So, I need to continue working at getting to these meetings.

Professional development Plan 2004/05

  1. Continue PhD studies
  2. Attend maternal and infant resuscitation updates
  3. Attend breastfeeding update
  4. Attend (and hopefully present paper) at ICM, Brisbane 2005.


This year has been a very exciting year for me. I achieved most of my goals except carrying out the research into women’s use of the Internet, which was because I ran out of time due to difficulties with acquiring ethical consent. I have put that project on hold and hope to come back to it in the future.
I enrolled in a PhD degree at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. My topic of exploration is mentorship, starting with a national survey of mentoring practice in collaboration with NZCOM. I presented papers at 2 international conferences in the UK, talking about the use of the Internet and midwifery practice. The result of this is that I have been asked to write a chapter in a book about e-health. I also attended a national conference about e-learning in Wellington and an international conference about tele-health in Brisbane. I continue to write regular columns for the NZCOM Journal and The Practising Midwife.

Professional development 2004

  • Review documentation-collation of notes.
  • Continue PhD studies.
  • Attend resuscitation updates
  • Attend ICM and catch up with friends
  • Attend BF update
  • Attend Access Holders meetings.

Professional development plan 2003/04

  1. Booked several women who are due to birth over Christmas, including home births.
  2. Carry out research project into how women in Dunedin use the Internet.
  3. Enrol in PhD in 2004.
  4. Attend and present papers at the 2004 NZCOM conference, depending on professional development funding.
  5. Start to plan for the 2005 ICM conference.

Professional development 2002/03

This year has been a very exciting one for me. I graduated from Victoria University with my MA (Applied) Midwifery in December 2003. I have had four papers accepted for publication, and have presented papers at four national and international conferences. I have made some very useful contacts with midwives overseas, which hopefully will lead to some international research collaboration. I also continue with my regular Internet columns in the NZCOM Journal and ‘The Practising Midwife’. I continue to be very keen to carry on with my professional practice, because my clinical experience informs my academic activates and midwifery teaching. I have started to teach in the post-graduate program which will help me to develop further teaching skills. Finally, I got my very first Dunedin ‘return’, which makes it all worthwhile.

I achieved all my goals I set for last year, except asserting my position in a professional matter. I’m afraid I chickened out, and decided to let ‘sleeping dogs lie’. I don’t think that was the right decision but I have to live with it now.

Professional development plan 2002

  • I have a woman booked to birth in September and have a first year student working with me, which adds another dimension to my practice.
  • Updated with maternal resuscitation last March and am in process of updating neonatal resuscitation.
  • Continue on NZCOM Conference Committee – facilitate Internet workshop at conference July 2002.
  • Complete MA April 2002.
  • Present papers at MIDIRS conference and Midwifery Today conference, November 2002.

Professional development plan 2001

  • Challenge of working with client in a hospital setting.
  • To familiarize myself with hospital systems.
  • Continue developing Information Folder
  • To be active member of NZCOM Conference Committee.
  • To complete Masters Degree.