Collating information has never been a problem for me. As a locum midwife I think it is a little more problematic because you have the LMC's system to fit in with. There is a danger of things getting lost so it is important to be doubly vigilant to ensure all information is where it should be, and that the LMC knows what is going on when she takes over care again.

Turanga kaupapa
It goes without saying that the woman may involve whoever she like in her care, as with any ethnicity. Confidentiality can be an issue when dealing with large, extended whanau - the midwife has to remember that her first responsibility has to be with the woman at all times.


This is never usually a problem. I am quite happy with how I do this.


This is never usually a problem. One woman was sparing with the information she gave me, and I eventually found out issues from other sources. This was difficult because I was working without knowing the full facts. Having said that, I believe it is important to see things from the woman’s point of view and not be unduly influenced by what other people tell you.