Reflecting on my midwifery actions as a locum midwife:

Turanga Kaupapa
The promotion of the woman's physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well-being is the cornerstone of midwifery practice, whatever the ethnicity of the woman. This is done by focusing on each individual woman's needs and context, planning care with the woman to meet these needs and maintaining one's own professional knowledge and competence.


Working with a larger number of women is in some ways easier than just one or two a year. When working with a very small number of women, it is easy to let things get out of perspective. It doesn’t matter how women you have, you still have to be on-call and make back-up arrangements. I have a named back-up midwife. I am very privileged to have access to an experienced and knowledgeable team of women including midwives, nutritionist and bio-scientist at the Polytechnic who I get my support from. I have also found the hospital midwives to be extremely supportive and accommodating over the last year, and I have found their help to be invaluable.

I have had the opportunity to brush up on skills like cannulation and perineal repair, which I don’t feel are a problem because I teach them every year to students, but it’s never the same suturing a model to suturing a real perineum.
I still find the interface between myself and the obstetric services difficult at times. The current local situation hasn’t helped. Nevertheless, I try to keep communication as open as possible yet be assertive when I need to be. It’s so depressing to see the new registrars coming along who look as if they’re young enough to be my kids!!!


I still find the interface between myself and the obstetric services difficult at times. A couple of obstetricians have made assumptions about their involvement with the women in my care. I think these relationships are more difficult when we don’t know each other very well – don’t know each other’s philosophies and abilities. I need to be clearer with these doctors when I am consulting or just informing them of progress for their interest only.