7/7/08 My post about using VoiceThread is cited by Michele Martin as example of using multi media to invite people to participate in a blog.

21/5/08 My post defining a PLE is cited by Sue Waters in The Edublogger.

18/5/08 My blog post which lays out information about how to make a blog comment is cited by The Nonprofit Blog as a framework for their comment policy.

16/5/08 My blog post about ePortfolios "My Portfolio: an ePortfolio platform" is used by Alison Miller (E-portfolios Project Manager in Australia) to develop the discussions about the use of ePortfolios further. Alison picked up on my comments about being able to take an ePortfolio with you from institution to institution for life-long learning ie making ePortfolios freely accessible to everyone.

2/5/08 My blog cited by Claire Thompson as one she relies on to teach her about web 2.0 tools.

8/4/08 My blog post Using video to connect with my readers: Cited by Claire Thompson as an example of using video to help readers get to know the blogger.

23/3/08 My blog post Open access midwifery education - update on proposal: cited by Peter Suber in Open Access News.

21/3/08 My blog post: Open access at Otago Polytechnic. In this post I interview Robin Day to find out more about Otago Polytechnic's Open Access policy. Cited by Creative Commons as an example of open access and thanked by CC for publishing the interview.

10/3/08 Cited by Michele Martin as being one of several "masters of the reflective blogging habit. I suggest reading them regularly and learning from their practices". Michele said "Sarah works in an area that's completely foreign to me--midwifery. Watching her reflective practices is even more interesting because it's so outside of my personal realm of knowledge."

24/2/08 This ePortfolio is cited by Michele Martin as an example of how to put an ePortfolio together and dealing with the issues of organization, structure and appearence, as well as how to incorporate personal reflection and integration of blogging.

2008: My blog was given 5/5 stars by MIDIRS: MIDIRS Essence Newsletter & MIDIRS Essence Newsletter

11/1/08: Cited by Sue Waters. She feels my blog is an example of a blog that stand outs because of the glimpses into my personal life.